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Here you will find data sheets, operating instructions, photos and CAD drawings.

One channel amplifiers

Dual-channel amplifiers

Dual-channel amplifiers with Dante/AES67

Dual-channel amplifiers only low impedance

Four channel amplifiers

Four channel amplifiers with Dante/AES67

Automatic mixing amplifier

Induction loop amplifiers

Pocket Devices

Toroid Transformers 70/100 V

Transfomer Packs

PT-2120T, PT-4120T, PT-6120T, PT-8120T, PT-2200T, PT-4200T, PT-6200T, PT-4250T, PT-2300T, PT-4300T, PT-6300T, PT-2400T, PT-4400T, PT-2500T, PT-4500T, PT-2800T

1:1 Ratio 100 V Toroid Transformers

XF-120TC 1:1

XF-250TC 1:1

Loudspeaker Toroid Transfomers 100 V/ 8 Ohms

EI-Core Loudspeaker Transformers