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New AX2360TS 2-channel installation amplifier

The new two-channel amplifier offers an output of 2x340 W at 70 and 100 V constant voltage and also at 4 ohms. In low-impedance bridge mode, it delivers an output of 650 W into 8 ohms.

AX2120TS MKII Professional 2-channel power amplifier

The 2-channel model AX2120TS MKII complements the TS series with an output power of 120 W/channel and 240 W mono bridged per pair. The switching power supply saves weight and increases efficiency and power balance.

2-channel installation amplifier with Dante

axxent presents a series of two-channel amplifiers with Dante/AES67 inputs: three models in the power levels 120 W, 240 W and 360 W

Our experience

axxent® is a privately owned company, pledging to develop and manufacture reliable professional audio products. In its beginning, all products were made in Germany. In the past 20 years, much of the manufacturing capability was built up in other European countries, mainly in Slovakia. There, technicians and engineers with vast experience in audio broadcast products and systems manufacture axxent products today.

axxent® has been a registered word/trade mark since 1991. Around this time, a series of audio intercom products had already been developed and manufactured in Germany. The first MIDI-controlled 19" rack mixer, an audio distribution system and a four-channel crossover were also introduced to the market.

Several thousand event technology companies have used axxent® intercom systems over the last 30 years.