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AX2120TS MKII Professional 2-channel power amplifier

AX-2120TS MKII Professionelle 2-Kanal-Endstufe

The professional audio amplifiers in the axxent TS series are optimised for use in fixed installations. The 2-channel model AX2120TS MKII complements this series with an output power of 120 W/channel and 240 W mono bridged per pair. The switching power supply saves weight and increases efficiency and power balance.

Each of the 2 channels offers an independent clip limiter with separate indicators on the front panel. The excellent audio quality across the entire power range is supported in the inputs by special balanced ICs with high common mode rejection.

In addition to the constant voltage outputs with 70 and 100 V taps, low-impedance outputs are also available.

The galvanic isolation provided by high-quality audio output transformers enables earth fault monitoring and protects the 100 V lines against accidental contact. The nominal output power is 120 W at 100 V and 8 ohms. These flexible output configurations make the AX2120TS MKII 2-channel amplifier the ideal choice for use in fixed installations.