New AX2360TS 2-channel installation amplifier

The new two-channel amplifier offers an output of 2x340 W at 70 and 100 V constant voltage and also at 4 ohms. In low-impedance bridge mode, it delivers an output of 650 W into 8 ohms.

AX2120TS MKII Professional 2-channel power amplifier

The 2-channel model AX2120TS MKII complements the TS series with an output power of 120 W/channel and 240 W mono bridged per pair. The switching power supply saves weight and increases efficiency and power balance.

2-channel installation amplifier with Dante

axxent presents a series of two-channel amplifiers with Dante/AES67 inputs: three models in the power levels 120 W, 240 W and 360 W

Network-capable multi-channel amplifier

The amplifier is not only network-capable, but also has an advanced digital sound processor with group control. 

4 channel amplifier with Dante

In addition to analogue inputs, this installation amplifier also has a Dante/AES67 input.

Intercom 12V power supply

The new device was specially developed for use in disaster relief vehicles in order to reliably supply several intercom components with 12 V power.