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4 channel amplifier with Dante

axxent introduces an installation power amplifier called AX4240TS-D which in addition to analogue inputs also has Dante/AES67 input.

A four-way dip switch allows the individual channels to be switched for analogue or digital operation. There is also a -9 dBu/0 dBu level switch and a reset button for the digital input.

The power amplifier has four channels with an output of 4x240 watts on 2RU. The channels can be operated individually with a high-impedance constant voltage of 70 or 100 V or also with a low impedance. In low-impedance operation, bridge operation of the output pairs achieves outputs of 480 W into 8 ohms each.

Without sound restrictions, high-quality audio output transformers for 70 and 100 V offer galvanic isolation and possible earth fault monitoring for compliance with safety regulations.