CLP2300 1 U ampflifier

Compact amplifier with passive cooling system

The new axxent amplifier CLP2300 combines three major characteristics, rarely offered jointly in one unit: compact design, high power and passive cooling. The model CLP2300 comes in a rugged steel rack case with just 1 U (44 mm). While the first two characteristics are not so infrequently, the third one really is exceptional.

Reason for developing this amplifier is based on the requirements of sound consultants, system integrators and system operators for an absolutely noiseless amplifier for use in conference rooms, houses of worship, museums, recording studios, educational training rooms, mourning halls etc. In addition a relatively high output power was required in order to drive large scale reinforcement systems. axxent has reacted to these requirements – normally not going together easily – and has developed the amplifier model CLP2300. Conceptional basis for this engineering task was the tie in of switched mode power supply with a high efficient class H output stage, ensuring low heat loss. The amplifier circuitry is completely analog, offering low distortion values at low and high power levels.