PS-101S Power Supply

power supply instead of a main station

This power supply allows the operation of belt packs BP 100, BP 100 V, signal lights LP 100 and LP 100 LED and the CP 100s loudspeaker station – all without the necessity of 19" main stations.

Intercom components such as belt packs, loudspeaker stations, signal lights, etc. are being controlled and addressed from main stations that also provide the necessary operation voltage. These main stations mainly come in standard 19” rack format. For those users of intercom systems that don’t wish to carry bulky 19” equipment, we have developed a compact power supply that allows operating intercom components without a main station.

Operation voltage is being carried through standard microphone cables. The new PS101S allows operation of up to approximately 15 intercom components. .It provides 700 mA of current continuously through a built in switched mode power supply with very low ripple and rf emission.