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New product catalog

Our new product catalog is ready for download.

COMBOX. – Shoutbox & Intercom Combined

Developed to provide loud verbal communication for sound and light engineers, loud and intelligible commands for artists and talents, this new intercom station provides all intercom functions known in partyline-systems.

COMBOX. can be used as a “shoutbox” for stage hands, is ideally suited for f.o.h. sound engineers without the need of a permanently worn headset and is also an ideal tool in artist wardrobes to communicate in full duplex mode from directors or sound engineers to artists waiting back stage.

A powerful amplifier/loudspeaker combination ascertains loud communication up to 115 dB peak, and the headset connection built in allows quiet communication when needed. When a headset is used, the loudspeaker automatically switches off.

In addition to headset operation, an external dynamic microphone may also be used. To avoid acoustic feedback
the PTT switch also switches off the loudspeaker.

COMBOX. provides full duplex verbal communication, it features a switchable large LED tally signal light on top of the unit, activated by a simple push button - to signal urgent need of communication.

A program input can be mixed into the partyline communication signal or routed to the monitor loudspeaker only. COMBOX.. can be inserted as a single component into any compatible partyline intercom system or, several COMBOX. stations may be used together via standard xlr microphone cables to constitute a system.

COMBOX. can also be used as a single channel intercom master station and therefore can power several intercom belt packs, signal lights or other intercom components, when switched to “Master”.

The COMBOX. is wedge shaped, may be used table top or on the floor in two angles. In addition, it features a 3/8” thread to mount it on microphone stands. As an accessory, a 19” rack mount kit allows the COMBOX. to be mounted in 19” racks.

The COMBOX. uses an internal power supply for universal use between 100…240 vac.

High Power Amplifier for 100 V Systems
500 Watt per channel including emergency paging

The new amplifier AX-2500-2TS provides 500 W of power at 100 V, sufficient for high performance
100 V loudspeakers or a great number of smaller 100 V loudspeakers.

A special feature of the AX2500-2TS is an additional input per channel for paging purposes, be it emergency
paging or other announcements. The additional input mutes the first input. To avoid misinterpretation of the
input priority, a 24 V control voltage will be activated together with the paging signal.

More features of the new amplifier are for example DIP switches for high pass filters 60 Hz or 80 Hz, stereo
or parallel input mode, removable gain potentiometer knobs, security covers for these, switch mode power
supply and class H amplification for low heat loss.

Fully isolated output transformers provide security and ground free operation.

New Compact Intercom Main Station CP100S

The compact main station uses the two wire principle or party line principle for full duplex operation with headsets
and has a built in monitoring loudspeaker.

All headsets with dynamic microphone cartridges may be used with the station. Gooseneck microphones or wired microphones may be connected into the 3 pin xlr connector on the front side of the unit. Flashing light signalization is standard and a sound alarm is switchable. A line termination switch on the rear side adds a resistance to the intercom system for stable signal level.

The external power supply allows operation of approximately 10 components such as belt packs or signal lights.
The CP100S may be mounted in a 19” rack via an optional rack kit RMK100.

The new main station CP100 S is available immediately.

single channel, convection cooled amplifier line

Axxent e.K., German manufacturer of professional audio components and intercom systems announces
a line of single channel audio amplifiers – all convection cooled, thus absolutely noiseless and without noisy fans.
Three models, ranging from 120 watt to 400 watt feature switching power supplies for low weight and low
thermal loss, constant voltage outputs 50 v, 70 v and 100 v, plus low impedance output. A very special featur
of these amplifiers is the use of high quality and high fidelity constant voltage output transformers, providing
full galvanic isolation. The 1 RU high only model AX-1121TS has 120 watt output and weighs 5.5 kg only.
The more powerful models – 240 watt and 400 watt – are housed in 2 RU steel cases.

walkie-talkie interface WT100

The interface model WT100 is used to connect the axxent intercom line with two-way radio devices
(walkie-talkies). The WT100 is suitable for all such wireless models equipped with connectors for an
external microphone and headset. Herewith a communication is established between the stationary
intercom system at the venue and the personnel with walkie-talkies on location.

The new belt pack BP101

The BP 101 has a 3.5 mm jack for connection of a vibration alarm module. Three different alarm
functions selectable: light signalization, buzzer alarm or vibration signalization.

New Induction Loop Amplifier ISV1000

axxent e.K., German manufacturer of professional audio components,
introduces a newly developed induction loop amplifier

Induction loop amplifiers serve the need to drive closed loops within rooms, whether in-ceiling
or in the floor. The induced audio frequency spectrum is being received by hearing aids marked by a "T".

Audio – whether music or speech - being amplified by a loop amplifier and received by hearing aids
normally is better noticeable and understandable by hearing impaired persons than the pure acoustic
sound amplified by hearing aids. The cause lies in the wide audio spectrum that is being amplified and in
the compression method in loop amplifiers that allows a clear recognition of low music or speech passages.

Absolutely new with the axxent loop amplifier ISV1000 is the scalable amplification: Standard configuration
allows driving loops for rooms up to 1000 square meters. 500, 200 and 100 square meters configurations
are easily made by jumper settings inside the amplifier. One amplifier model may be used for various room
sizes – from conference rooms to churches.

The axxent induction loop amplifier ISV1000 is available immediately.

Four Wire Adaptor FW100

Axxent has developed a converter from four wire intercoms to two wire partyline intercom systems.
Named FW100, this new converter not only allows direct connection between four wire to two wire
systems of almost all makes, but also allows the call signalization (tally light) in both directions.
A very handy and compact adaptor, the FW100 also features level adjustments between systems.