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Installations :::::::::::

Project Location Product
Curt-Frenzel-Stadium Augsburg Toroid Loudspeaker Transformers
State Parliament North Rhine Westfalia Düsseldorf Amplifiers AX4120TS, AX4240TS
Feyenoord Stadium Rotterdam Toroid Loudspeaker Transformers XF500TCLS
Main sound reinforcement system
Arthur, Europa-Park Rust Toroid Loudspeaker Transformers
Claridge´s Bar London Amplifier AX1400TS
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY Hamburg Amplifiers AX1400TS, AX1121TS
Landgard Blumen & Pflanzen Geldern Toroid Loudspeaker Transformers
City Bath Chemnitz Toroid Loudspeaker Transformers
DEBEKA Insurance Koblenz Amplifier AX4120TS
Café Hotel Demling Randersacker Power Mixer GPX2500
Sachsenhalle Chemnitz Toroid Loudspeaker Transformers
Haus der Berge (House of Mountains) Berchtesgaden Toroid Loudspeaker Transformers
Ice Skating and Swim Stadium Cologne Toroid Audio Transformers
SWR TV Company Stuttgart AX1240T Amplifiers
Bathroom Section Main Train Station Berlin AX1240T Amplifiers
Don Bosco Gym Würzburg Loudspeaker Transformers
New Yorker Retail Store Dortmund AX1121T Amplifier
AMG Performance Center Dresden AX1121T Amplifier
Burghaus Kronenburg Kronenberg Toroid Audio Transformers
Maria Theresia High School Augsburg Toroid Audio Transformers
New Yorker Retail Store Lyon, France AX1121T Amplifie
County Conference Hal Marburg Toroid Audio Transformers
City Hall Greiz Greiz Toroid Audio Transformers
Mosque Neckarsulm Loudspeaker Transformers

The above are a few installation examples only, where axxent products are being used. We will not cite the contracting companies because of confidentiality. Many intercommunications components were supplied to sound and light rental companies and we do not list them here. axxent distributors world-wide that supply product to their respective customers are listed in the "Contact" section of this website.