Pocket Delay

Pocket Delay front view
Pocket Delay rear view


Pocket Delay

Professional Digital Sound Controller

The small axxent Pocket Delay allows audio signal delay time up to 580 milliseconds or 200 meters plus digital processing of the same signal in several parameters. It is mainly being used prior power amplifiers or powered loudspeakers. With its mounting brackets it can be fastened on the rear of loudspeakers or it may also be used as a small table top device.

If you use it solely as a delay device, only two push buttons are needed for adjustments. Delay is determined by up and down buttons up to 200 meters of delay and in 1 meter increments.

Additionally, the Pocket Delay houses a powerful digital signal processing for manifold correction or desirable adjustments of the audio signal. These adjustments are available via connection to a personal computer or tablet computer (Windows) and may be stored in the device in up to 20 memory spaces.

The various d.s.p. functions can be seen in the picture below. Connection to a computer is via a USB interface. axxent supplies the operational software with the device at no charge. The Pocket Delay works with balanced audio signals up to 15 dBu and a very high signal to noise ratio.

• Delay up to 200 m/580 milliseconds
• Easy to adjust in 1 m steps.
• D.s.p. functions via computer interface
• Parametric Frequency filters
• Shelf filters
• Notch filters
• AllPass filters
• Vari-Q filters
• Bessel/Linkwitz-Riley/Butterworth
• Slopes of 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB
• Limiter -27…+15 dB
• Balanced in and outputs, xlr
• Compact size with 16.5 cm width and 11.4 cm depth.
• Mounting with bracket or
• Use as a table top device.

Technical Specifications
Connector 3 pin xlr female
Type electronic balanced
Input impedance 30 kOhms
Impedance 30 kΩ
Input level +15 dBu (max.)
Nominal level 0 dBu
Connector 3 pin xlr male
Type electronic balanced
Output impedance 600 Ohms balanced
Output level +15 dBu (max.)
Nominal level +0 dBu
Output gain +/- 0,1 dB
Digital Processing  
DSP 1-In/1-Out Sound Controller 32 Bit Floating Point
Audio AD/DA conversion 24/24Bit
Sampling Rate 48 kHz
Delay Range 1…200 m
Delay Steps 1 m increments
Other features See d.s.p. drawing
Controls via push buttons and usb connector
Dynamic range <99 dB
Frequency Range 20…20.000 Hz – 1dB
THD <0,005%@1 kHz, +15 dBu
Signal to Noise Master min <92 dB, Master max <86 dB, 20…25.000 Hz
Indicators Peak/Mute
Power 85…265 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.4 W typically.
Power Supply iIntegrated, connection with Schuko-cable, 1.8 m length
Dimensions 165x50x114 mm (LxWxD) (without brackets)
Weight 0.67 kg net.