Automatic Mixer/Amplifier
AMV-7240 Automatik Mischverstärker front view
AMV-7240 Automatik Mischverstärker rear view
Automatic Mixer/Amplifier

The new axxent AMV-7240 MKII represents an automatic mixer/amplifier for universal use in applications such as houses of worship, schools, universities, conferences, meetings, discussions etc. 5 inputs, microphone or line level, and 2 additional inputs for compact disc player, tuner or other high level sources. What you also would highly appreciate are the adjustable EQs for gain, high-, mid- and low frequencies, compressor- and gate circuits per channel all with internal access, precisely adjustable by qualified installers. All 5 microphone-/ line inputs provide an automatic mixing function (gating), each with engage/ disable function from the front panel. Inputs provide 48 V phantom power to operate professional condenser microphones. A limiter circuit prevents inputs from overloads. The two aux level inputs are switchable from the front panel, featuring both level control and low/high equalization.

The power amplifier provides power of up to 240 watts (RMS), controlled by level potentiometers on the front. The 100 V output is isolated by a high quality audio transformer. Output may be changed to low impedance (4 Ohms). A recording device may be connected to a dedicated output (pre automatic circuit), so that the "atmo" of the room is maintained, even during high attenuation of the inputs by the gating process.

For expansion purposes, e.g. for doubling the number of in- and outputs, a separate parallel output for connecting a second model AMV-7240 MKII comes in handy. The loop-thru connector allows for hook up of external FX- or DSP devices. The signal is available pre- or post EQ-/level control for the summed signal. The internally adjustable equalization section offers 4 filters (gain, bandwidth, center frequency) to compensate for shortcomings of speaker characteristics and the acoustic environment.

• Automatic mixer with built-in amplifier, 240 watts (RMS)
• Outputs: 100 v transformer isolated. Low impedance (4 Ohms) by bypassing transformer
• Five microphone-/line inputs
• Automatic function separately switchable
• Balanced XLR-/phone combo sockets
• 48 v phantom power
• 2 auxiliary inputs, RCA, switchable
• Input limiter
• Gain adjustment internal per channel
• Hi, mid and low EQ, adjustable internal per channel
• Compressor per mic input, internally adjustable
• Parametric EQ for mixed signal with 4 internal adjustable filters
• Recording output
• Parallel input for additional AMV-7240 for doubling the number of in-/outputs
• Loop thru connector for Fx, DSPs etc.
• Balanced line output for additional amplifiers
• Rugged 19" steel case, 2 U
• Rack ears are detachable for desktop use
• European high quality product, rugged and reliable
• 6 years full warranty

Technische Daten
output power 200 W sine wave, 240 W RMS
frequency response 35-20000 Hz (-3 dB)
total harmonic distortion (THD) <0,15%
signal to noise ratio microphone inputs: >68 dB; aux inputs: >98 dB
power output 100 V/44 Ohms; low-z 4 Ohms
output level +6 dB, balanced
inputs 2 aux, unbalanced on 2 RCA connectors, switchable, 5 mic-/line inputs, 3 pin XLR combo connectors
parallel in-/output (loop thru for fx, DSPs etc.) 5 pin XLR, balanced in-/outputs +6 dB
input sensitivity mic/line 0,7 mV – 460 mV/2,6 kΩ
aux inputs 7 mV – 4,6 V/26 kΩ
phantom power +48 V=/10 mA, internal switchable on each input
power consumption 40 VA idle, full load 370 VA
mains voltage 230 V AC
mains connector IEC, detachable
dimensions (w x h x d) 430 x 88 x 335 mm (19"/2 U)
width including rack ears 483 mm
weight net: 10.15 kg, shipping: 12.7 kg

Technical data subject to change without notice.