2 Channel Amplifier
AX-2500-2TS 2 x 500 W/100 V front view
AX-2500-2TS 2 x 500 W/100 V rear view
AX-2500-2TS 2 x 500 W/100 V
optimized for sound systems requiring 100 v constant voltage signal distribution

The axxent two channel power amplifier AX-2500-2TS has been optimized for sound systems requiring 100 v constant voltage signal distribution. The new model complements the existing TS-range of axxent amplifiers with a 2 x 500 w high power amplifier.

Remarkable is a second audio input that serves as a priority paging input. The second signal input switches the first one off when a trigger voltage is applied. A priority input is required in many applications such as in stadia, airports, shopping centers etc.

Temperature controlled fans provide moderate temperature inside the amplifier. Operation mode led’s indicate power on, signal and peak inputs.

Gain potentiometer knobs can be removed and covered with supplied protectors.

In and outputs feature touch proof Euro Plugs (phoenix connectors). A very robust rocker power switch and an IEC power socket, and a fuse protection are located on the rear of the power amplifier.

The AX-2500-2TS has a permanent limiter. A dip switch allows to switch from a 60 Hz to 80 Hz signal low cut as well as operating the amplifier in stereo or parallel mode.

All together: The axxent AX-2500-2TS is a fully featured high power amplifier for 100 volts operation. Reliability and long term operation has been the target of development and production.

• Output power 2 x 500 w at nominal a.c. voltage
• Switched power supply promotes weight reduction, efficiency and reduces heat loss
• Balanced inputs with touch proof Europlugs
• Outputs with touch proof Europlugs
• Temperature controlled fans, air flow front to rear
• DIP-switches for 60 or 80 Hz low cut (stereo or parallel)
• Gain potentiometer knobs removable, security covers included
• IEC power jack for simple rack cabling
• Gain controls allow up to +22 dBu input voltage
• High input common-mode rejection ratio
• THD less than 1 percent
• Trigger input for 24 v ac or dc
• Channel B is standard input. Priority input A switches channel B off when trigger voltage applied
• Dimensions: 483 x 88 x 388 (2RU Height)
• Weight: 15.3 kg
• Chassis made of robust steel and powder coated paint
• Made in the European Union

Technical Specifications
Output Power 2 x 500 w at nominal ac power.
nominal ac 230 v ±10%
switch mode power supply for high efficiency and minimal heat loss
input sensitivity 675 mv for full output
input impedance 20 kΩ, balanced
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 1 % at full power
frequency range 70 Hz to 14 kHz, -3 dB, high cut filter 60 Hz activated
signal to noise ratio 95 dB, fans rotating and maximal ac power
noise ratio 100 dBA
cross talk 75 dB at 1 kHz
output voltage 100 v at load resistance of 38 Ω
cooling automatic temperature controlled, air flow front to rear
inputs balanced, Europlug connectors
outputs touch proof, Europlugs
limiters protect against overload
electronic protections against thermal overlaod, short, open outputs, mismatch
LED indicators for ON, signal input, signal peak
DIP switches for 60 or 80 Hz high cut filters, stereo or parallel input
power consumption full load 2160 w, ⅓ load 1270 w, ⅛ load load 800 w
heat loss full load 998 kcal; ⅓ load 808 kcal; ⅛ load 580 kcal
controls at front side gain potentiometers. Knobs may be removed and covered by supplied protectors
IEC ac power jack power cable supplied with amplifier
trigger input for 24 vac or dc. No polarization, trigger voltage treshold 6 v
operation voltage 230 vac, 50 Hz, ±10%. Fuse 10 A slow blow, 5x20 mm
dimensions 483 (Standard 19" rack) x 88 (2U) x 388 mm (w x h x d)
net weight 15.3 kg, shipping 17.7 kg