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New product catalog ready for download ...

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Professional Amplifier with Convection Cooling
Low impedance and high power amplifier without any disturbing fan noise.
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High Power Amplifier for 100 V Systems
New two channel high power amplifier for 100 V systems – model AX2500-2TS.
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Developed to provide loud verbal communication for sound and light engineers
100 V Leistungsübertrager 1:1
INTERCOM Master Stations, Beltpacks, Four Wire Adaptor, Walkie Talkie Interface, Power Supply, Signal Lights, Intercom Line Splitter, Headsets
Adapter WT100
ELEKTROAKUSTIK Power Mixer with Power Limiter, Power Mixer, 1 Channel Amplifier, 2 Channel Amplifier,
4 Channel Amplifier, 2 Channel Power Amplifier Low Impedance, Induction Loop Amplifier, Compact Delay, Toroid Audio Transformers, Transformer Packs, Toroid Audio Transformers with 1:1 Ratio, Loudspeaker Transformers, Loudspeaker Transformers with EI-core, Transformer Accessories