100 V toroidal transformer system PT-4500T

Audio transformer with 500 W as a 4-channel version

Depending on the various models, these units allow conversion of 2, 4, or 6 low impedance (4 Ohms) input signals into 70/100 Volts outputs, rated up to 800 Watts per channel. All technical data and specifications of these high quality transformers, especially their low distortion and linear frequency response, meet the highest demands of the contemporary professional audio industry. The toroid transformers guarantee a flat, wide frequency response and very low stray. All transformers are submersion impregnated and heat dried for mechanical stability and moisture resistance. The electrically separate primary- and secondary windings comply with all major international safety regulations.

The rugged all-steel-case can house up to 6 transformers. The case does not bear any label or logo, so that the installer is free to fix his own label sticker. In addition to the "ready-to-install" units, an empty case for holding specific transformer combinations is also available. Any of the mentioned transformers may be used at random.